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Attorneys against Cerebral Palsy Lawyer who are suffering from birth

Brain paralysis is a condition that describes a group of disorders that alter the ability to move. This condition develops at birth and deteriorates over time. This condition causes damage to the motor areas of the brain, which control posture and movement. The damage done to the brain takes place, which is not normal and makes life much more difficult during normal life tasks.

Children withcere bral palsy birth injury

Children who have cerebral palsy birth injury always need attention and care. They have special needs in everything, movement, interaction, and communication with others. This can often be extremely frustrating for parents of children diagnosed with cerebral palsy.


It is very important to understand that most children with cerebral palsy have a mental capacity for intellectual and emotional development. Do not overlook the brothers and sisters of children with cerebral palsy. Many times a parent tends to pay more attention to the child with special needs, who do not know that they neglect his brother’s brother.

The causes of cerebral palsy birth

The causes of cerebral palsy birth injury are widely considered caused directly by birth defects. Sometimes these delivery errors are a direct result of the mother, but sometimes the doctor’s mistakes can have serious consequences. For example, a doctor should make sure that the baby receives enough oxygen during the delivery process. If a complication occurs, the medical staff can help save the life of the baby and the mother. Sometimes this requires a caesarean section to prevent asphyxiation at birth, which can lead to brain damage, cerebral palsy and sometimes death.



Brain development begins right after the conception. A relatively small number of cells divide and multiply by billions of cells. A small strip of tissue is thrown into the neural tube. An end develops in the brain and the other in the spinal cord. Throughout life, different types of cells form, group, and migrate to different areas of the brain. The brain is considered fully developed two to five years after birth.

Brain abnormalities are disorders in the structure of the brain that usually cause changes. Defects can occur as a result of development, injury or disease. The degree of change is often associated with the severity of the damage. The brain sometimes compensates for shortcomings, basically, reinstalling to avoid or compensate for damaged areas. For this reason, initial treatment is usually recommended as soon as possible.

cerebral palsy birth by Infection

Other causes of cerebral palsy include some types of infections. For example, women with preexisting infections of the uterus, bladder, kidney or blood have a much greater risk. Children are nine times more likely to have cerebral palsy if the mother has these conditions during childbirth.

If someone in your family or child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it is very important to examine your legal rights in this situation. There are many cases where the diagnosis of cerebral palsy birth injury is caused by medical malpractice. Institutions of this type can help the family receive reimbursement and support in treating and treating child development. click